22 May 2014

This weekend MCM London: T4L Comic and Orful Comics

MCM London Comic Con is this weekend and Orful Comics will be selling T4L Comic Vol 1!!!!!

Rob Cureton of Orful Comics will be in the Comic Village at table CE5 from Friday to Sunday.

Rob  illustrated the T4L story Walking to Work ; Communiting to work in any metropolis is hardly ever and enjoyable experience. Bob decides enough is enough and he isn’t squashing on any buses or trains anymore. He’s Walking to Work! But he may have gotten more than he bargained for. Join Bob on his unexpected journey in T4L Comic Anthology Vol 1 brought to you by Rob Cureton and Virgil Yendell.

Other work by Rob Cureton such as in the punk anthology As You Were and his own musical satire series Scene City will also be on sale. Click here for more details.

16 May 2014

T4L Comic Digital Edition

The T4L Comic digital edition is now also available from the Comicsy store.

A 32 page anthology comic of stories about the futuristic and fantastical goings on on transport in London.
The digital edition is £1.20 and the silky smooth print edition is (£3.25 plus £1.25 pp).

Go on! Its almost the weekend treat yourself!

PS the earlier problem of being charged double postage has been fixed, apologies.

11 May 2014

T4L Comic Vol 1 is out NOW!

T4L Comic Vol 1 is OUT NOW.  Buy it at comicsy here.

The new 32 page anthology comic about fantastical and strange happenings on transport in London. It contains 5 stories by James Evans, Rob Cureton, Aaron Murphy, Mike Yeoman, Gavin Yong and Cliodhna Lyons. Come see the strange world you find when you don’t Mind the Gap. Commuting to work maybe a grind but beware the dangers of Walking to Work. Have you ever seen the Metronaut, a futuristic graffiti artist and his is endless battle for artistic freedom. Did someone seem familiar on the train today? If you so may have just missed Churchill Party! Journeys in London can be drab and dreary but occasionally on the Underground you may meet someone who brightens your day.

Why don't you go on a ride with T4L Comic and buy the first issue here.