15 Sep 2011

Feeding Ground (T4L Comic)

Well Gavin Yong and I have finished the first draft of “Feeding Ground”. There was much too-ing and fro-ing on the various ideas about the wonderful and hateful aspects of transport in this fair city. As a result we decided to go with a more fantastical and somewhat disgusting one, to get our, and hopefully your creative juices flowing.

The story was inspired by a simple statement made by Will Self at a Museum Of London event, about how the tube was like a burrow. The idea just snagged something inside of me, and images of giant millipedes living under the city took hold.

14 Sep 2011

Silly Legs

They say that the first rule when writing a mystery you start from the solution first and work backwards. That way you know where your going. But in writing silly legs (trust me, that's just a working title) I thought, no, I'll do the stupid thing and come up with a mystery and then work out the solution.  

11 Sep 2011


This is where I start. Mice. 3 of them...but not blind.

What you are currently viewing is a very limited preview of the short comic I am contributing to the T4LComic, currently dubbed "Mind The Gap". This is the tale of a man who after falling into a hole between the platform and train, finds himself in an alternate world of mice and rats, kept secret from behind the yellow line.

But as usual, I get ahead of myself. I should start from the beginning...

T4L Comic - An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the “Transport 4 London” (T4L) comic/graphic novel anthology. T4L is a proposed collection of short stories based on, around and within various forms of transport in or to London. The stories can be as loosely or as closely based on a mode of transport as you like and any genre or approach is open to you. You can focus on things you hate or love about transport in the city or just go totally off the wall with something. To give you inspiration it might help to think of all the different modes of transport in the city and your experiences with them i.e. walking, cycling, the boris bikes, motorbikes, cars, taxis, buses, tubes, trains and boats.