15 Sep 2011

Feeding Ground (T4L Comic)

Well Gavin Yong and I have finished the first draft of “Feeding Ground”. There was much too-ing and fro-ing on the various ideas about the wonderful and hateful aspects of transport in this fair city. As a result we decided to go with a more fantastical and somewhat disgusting one, to get our, and hopefully your creative juices flowing.

The story was inspired by a simple statement made by Will Self at a Museum Of London event, about how the tube was like a burrow. The idea just snagged something inside of me, and images of giant millipedes living under the city took hold.

The tube isn’t always the nicest of ways to travel, but hundreds of us pile into it every day. Why? Now, I could have answered that question seriously, but what fun would that be? Instead Gavin Yong and I set about making this seeming irresistible mode of transport as disgusting as we could in the short time and space we had. I think it turned out…well ewwww!

No snippits of story or cliff hanger mysterious for you here, James Evans and Mike Yeoman are doing too well at that. I am being nice and presenting you with the full first draft of “Feeding Ground”. Treat this as a taster of what’s to come from the growing T4L comic collaboration. Hopefully the slime and mucus within these pages will help it slide down into your heart and make you a fan of the art and stories we hope to create over the next few months.


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