9 Sep 2013

Another story in the bag and just one left to go!

So we've had the artwork in from nearly everyone now. Just waiting excitedly for the last piece. In addition, we have had a short strip submitted by Mike Yeoman and Gavin Yong. I am very happy to have these guys on board as they were present when I first floated the idea of T4L Comic. London transport is a prominent feature of their story but what is the subject you ask? Well maybe this unedited teaser panel may give you some clues. Admittedly with that speech balloon empty there aren't many clues because I know you'd hate me for spoiling it.

Anyway, T4L Comic Vol 1 with be available very soon. I'm sorting the page order and cover art etc As soon as this is all done and the final piece is in it'll be off to the printers, so watch this space!

23 Jul 2013

Almost there!

So half the artwork is in my sweating palms and the remaining pages of the first issue of T4L comic are on their way. Not long now. So Exciting! I've just had word come in that issue one should have some teasers for a story by Gavin Yong that will be in issue two and potentially one page strip written by Mike Yeoman. On that note if anyone does want to try and get a  last minute one page story into the the first issue we may be able to accommodate you, so just get in contact.

Until then I leave you with a great image done by Aaron Murphy based on his Metronaut character, who will appear in T4L Comic #1. The image was originally done for the goodie bag for the up and coming  Melksham Comic-Con.

25 Jun 2013

Get Well Soon!

One of the contributors for T4L comic Zara Slattery is not very well. I was very excited to have some of Zara's work in T4L comic but she has more important things to focus on at the moment and will be sadly missed in the first issue. So this is just a quick message to her from T4L with our best wishes for her recovery.

9 May 2013

Euston, the concourse and beyond!!

Zara Slattery is joining us for the first issue of T4L Comic. Zara's artwork is amazing and her story telling original and funny. Go check it out. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for her story Euston, the concourse and beyond!! Here's the teasiest teaser.

13 Apr 2013

Walking to Work teaser

Rob Cureton over at Orful Comics has sent in the drafts of the Walking to Work story he is illustrating for the first issue of T4L Comic and here is a little taste. I'm a big fan of Rob's art style so if you like it too head over to Orful Comics for its weekly dose of fun.

11 Feb 2013

Metronaut teaser

So we have had the drafts in from Aaron Murphy for his 6 page contribution to T4L #1. So I thought I'd put one of the draft pages up here as a teaser. Great stuff and I particularly like this story so keep an eye out for more.

28 Jan 2013

T4L ReVamp and New Launch

So the first incarnation of the T4L idea was a graphic novel anthology. Our enthusiasm new no bounds but our feet weren't quite big enough enough to fill those boots. A year on and we are more experienced and have met a world of amazing aspiring comic creators in London.

So, we are relaunching T4L.

Not as a graphic novel but a more modest 30 odd page anthology series. The first issue will hopefully be going to print in late April to early May. Many of the stories that were planned for the graphic novel will now hopefully jump right into an issue of the new series.

However, because we don't want the workload swamping artists and writers already on board we are looking for 2 or more stories for the first issue, and of course we are always looking for stories and artists for subsequent issues.

So if you are interested get in touch.

Until then I leave you with a fun little animation made by the brother in law of one of our contributors.

Etiquette on the Underground