About the T4L Comic


Hello and welcome to the “Transport 4 London” (T4L) comic/graphic novel anthology. T4L is a proposed collection of short stories based on, around and within various forms of transport in or to London. The stories generally have to be based on the theme of London and Transportation (hence the title Transport 4 London but beyond that there are no limits. Remember, London is a lively and vibrant city full of exciting and wonderful things – let your story ideas be the same!   


Mind the Gap 
Vic walks on to an underground platform and sees a mouse sitting staring up at him from the rails. As Vic says hello a train pulls into the station where he falls and gets knocked out. When waking up he finds himself in The Gap, a realm where he the underclass Mus are subdued by their overlords The Rattus whom are keen to stop Vic from telling The Mus the truth about the recent demise of natural resources.

Quiet Carriage 
How can you tell someone to be silent on the quiet carriage without violating the sanctity of the quiet carriage? What if you only break this law to tell a fellow noisy passenger to be quiet? What if this escalates into a full blown noise riot as fellow passengers beg and shout and scream for everyone to be quiet before the Silence Police arrive? Does anyone have the ability to stop the chaos in time before the police arrive to apply the full measure of the law – permanent, everlasting silence for all! 

Feeding Ground 
London underground is a series of tunnels and burrows used by gluttonous centipede/worms who feed on human spirit. It doesn't eat sparingly but gorges itself on all available human morsels until it is bursting at the seems. It then wriggles through the tunnels drawing all the energy and spirit from those within it and excretes them elsewhere, rude, depressed, lethargic, and irritable.


The Stories

Each story should be around 5 pages in length, black and white with a 2:3 page ratio.
Please see script example for formatting. 


The first or second page should contain credits and where possible these should be built into the page layout. Failing that, a box-out credit will do. Credits should contain title and full artist, writer and letterer credits. The credits should be no larger than 10% of 1 page.  

The Anthology Series

Each issue will be around 30 pages and contain roughly five stories. The copyright control for all work will be retained by the individual author/writer team that created it. We are not producing this anthology as a money making exercise rather as a way to advertise our respective work, to interact with other artists/writers and because we like the theme. Therefore, it is unlikely it will make a “profit”. To reassure those who care though all profits over and above any publishing/advertising costs will be equally divided by the size of the contribution (per page) your team has made. We plan to use a comic printing service and self publish the comic. Each contributor will receive a complimentary issue.