9 Sep 2013

Another story in the bag and just one left to go!

So we've had the artwork in from nearly everyone now. Just waiting excitedly for the last piece. In addition, we have had a short strip submitted by Mike Yeoman and Gavin Yong. I am very happy to have these guys on board as they were present when I first floated the idea of T4L Comic. London transport is a prominent feature of their story but what is the subject you ask? Well maybe this unedited teaser panel may give you some clues. Admittedly with that speech balloon empty there aren't many clues because I know you'd hate me for spoiling it.

Anyway, T4L Comic Vol 1 with be available very soon. I'm sorting the page order and cover art etc As soon as this is all done and the final piece is in it'll be off to the printers, so watch this space!

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