11 Sep 2011


This is where I start. Mice. 3 of them...but not blind.

What you are currently viewing is a very limited preview of the short comic I am contributing to the T4LComic, currently dubbed "Mind The Gap". This is the tale of a man who after falling into a hole between the platform and train, finds himself in an alternate world of mice and rats, kept secret from behind the yellow line.

But as usual, I get ahead of myself. I should start from the beginning...

"Transport for London'. That was what I was told. Create a comic on any topic, in any style as long as it incorporates some link to the London transportation system. Fine I thought. So I put my mind to it and soon I realised this 'theme' really isn't that limiting. Ideas came'a flowing. Some ok, some just silly and some (too many) just embarrassingly bad. Finally a little story nugget formed in my hat rack and blossomed in to a nugget tree that is still yet to fully mature.

So, my travels with these new friends of mine are still ongoing, their fates not down in stone, with pages yet to be inked and dialogue still to be written.

Will they survive with tails still attached?

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