9 Nov 2014

We are now open to submissions for T4L Comic Vol 2

After a successful convention weekend at MCM London T4L Comic Anthology is setting its sights on the future and Vol 2!. T4L Comic is a collection of short stories based on, around and within various forms of transport in London. The stories generally have to be based on the theme of London and Transportation (hence the title) but beyond that there are no limits. Remember, London is a lively and vibrant city full of exciting and wonderful things – let your story ideas be the same! 

If you have a story or an idea you think would be perfect for T4L Comic then please get in contact at t4lcomic@gmail.com. Send a summary of your idea or an example of your artwork and we'll go from there.

T4L Comic is an independent collaborative project and as such all work is essentially unpaid. T4L Comic cover the printing costs and all work remains the copyright of the original creative team. 

For those that don't know T4L Comic Vol 1 is a new 32 page anthology comic about fantastical and strange happenings on transport in London. It contains 5 stories by James Evans, Rob Cureton, Aaron Murphy, Mike Yeoman, Gavin Yong and Cliodhna Lyons. 

If you are interested in being involved in Vol 2 then please get in touch.

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