20 Oct 2015

T4L Comic Anthology Preview: Quango the Barbarian

T4L Comic Anthology will be at MCM London on the 23rd to 25th October.
T4L Comic is an anthology comic of fantastical, strange and sometimes insightful stories happening on and around transport in London.

Here is a Preview of Quango the Barbarian by Virgil Yendell and Rob Cureton. A silly tale inspired by the equally silly acronym for quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation. QuANGOs have been criticised for being non-democratic and a bureaucratic waste as they attempted to solves problems dealt with by actual  government bodies. Important points but a bit boring. Quango the Barbarian has very similar problems but he definitely isn't boring. Come see him rampage through London "solving" our problems with brilliant and fun art by Rob Cureton of Orful Comics and Scene City fame.

We'll be selling some copies of the BRAND NEW T4L Comic Vol 2, containing 7 stories.

Come say hi! We will be at table CE13 in the Comic Village.

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